Saturday, December 24, 2011

Journey Into Imagination

     There are never too many pictures of this attraction online. The original JII when Figment wasn't annoying, he was cute.  People need to experience THIS Figment.

Dreamfinder in the Dreamcatcher
"You've got a Figment"
"Some happy songs, some snappy dances!"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daredevil Circus Spectacular at EPCOT Center

     October 1st, 1987 marks the debut of the Daredevil Circus Spectacular, which performed in Communicore plaza.  The 80's was a difficult time for the parks.  And guests just really did not understand EPCOT Center.  The lack of traditional Disney characters as well as it was so completely different than anything that came before it.  Among the people that did not understand EPCOT Center was Michael Eisner.  While looking for ways to improve EPCOT Centers earnings, he decided that Futureworld needed a circus.  A "future" themed circus. It was billed as "The Greatest Show In Space".  Instead of being in a circus tent, it was right in the center of Futureworld which was transformed into an 8 ring "Spacearena".  The show only lasted till March 19th, 1988.

Check out the pavilion logos in the bottom left of the picture

        There were four elephants in the show, and they were not just elephants, they are "mutant prehistoric pachyderms from the steaming jungles of a little known planet in the Archturian Cosmos!They were actually the Christiani Elephants.  They performed on a stage built on top of the Fountain of Nations.  The fountain below gave the "Space ring" a cool look.  That was one sturdy stage,  it had to hold 36,000 pounds of pachyderm. 

"Space cycles" over Communicore


"Sincotron climbs the heights of a space probe needle!"

Two full rings of trapeze featuring The Flying Rodriguez Family
More Space cycles featuring The Winn Troupe
Archturian Power Drones during the finale
     This show also featured live music by The Future corps.  Also some of The Winn Troupe performed on "The Wheel of Destiny".  Here is a fabulous video which looks to be shot from the roof of Communicore East. There is two other parts to watch as well