Saturday, August 22, 2015

ART and (Polynesian) LIFE

   The Polynesian resort has offered many perks to guests that have paid the premium to stay in one of the original Magic Kingdom area resorts.  Let's take a look at some of this incredible artwork showcasing the resort, which was provided on some of the stationary at the Polynesian during the 1990's.

    These are various cards provided along with envelopes (the envelopes themselves had no markings of the resort on them) to send greetings to your friends and family back home.  All you need to do is then stamp it, and make your way to the fantastic mailbox located in the Great Ceremonial House to send it off.  I, for one, would just hoard them for myself, and I am glad I did.

     It is easy to overlook some the individual offerings that were once presented to guests, which we now longingly look upon as relics that occupy our minds with wonderful thoughts when we think about the Walt Disney World of the past.  Thanks for looking, and let us never forget the things that made us fall in love with Walt Disney World in the first place.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Polynesian Garden

         The loss of the garden waterfall in the Great Ceremonial House at the newly renamed Polynesian Village Resort was lamented by many individuals including me, of course.  Now that it is gone for good, I wanted to take a look back at the last time I was able to experience the lobby before I would return to find a walled off, crazy , Epic Mickey version of the Great Ceremonial House during my next visit.
        I have not experienced the new lobby in person yet, and look forward to the eventual completion of the re-imagineered area to be able to pass complete judgement.  The only way I will be able to form an honest opinion is to visit in person and see if I feel what I felt all the times I stayed at that resort, as well as the many times I made the trek over because I love it so much. 
       Many of the additions are a big plus to this resort, including Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, the new pool area (even though it will be gated off to the non resort guest) including a hot tub, and hopefully the reopening of the Tangaroa Terrace in some way.  I just hope all the good will out way the things I feel detract from what the resort used to represent.  
      Today was the day I actually came to the realization that I will never have the opportunity to stay at the resort that I grew up loving so much again.  I have been completely priced out of the resort I gerw up staying at most of my childhood.  The Polynesian was synonymous with Walt Disney World for me.  Even when I was was older and had to make my own way to Walt Disney World, I made it a point to spend the extra money and stay where I loved, when I could.  Now with discounts few and far in between, only the families with a significant disposable income will be able to afford even the lowest priced rooms, which is a real shame.
     Anyhow, enjoy my last trip around the Great Ceremonial House with me and store it in your memory banks because that, and youtube, are the only places to see it anymore.  Thanks for watching!