Monday, November 12, 2012

PHOTO REPORT:2001 Polynesian pool refurbishment

    The Polynesian Resort Volcano pool has been a staple of Walt Disney World since the opening of the resort.  With a volcanic rock mountain formation, a waterfall cascading down the face, as well as encompassing a water slide that was carved out of the rock work, this pool was different than most pools available to guests staying at hotels around this time. This pool featured a deep end (9' 10") with a diving board.  The diving board was eventually removed by the early 1980's, but the deep end remained.
Removal of old volcano pool
     The public consensus towards pools changed around the mid 90's when deep pools were deemed too dangerous, as well as the fact that a lifeguard would have to be on duty at all times. In the beginning of  2001, a refurbishment of the original volcano pool was in order, to rid itself of a deep end and make a zero entry element, to better conform to government regulations as well as a money saver in the long run. With the zero entry element eliminating the requirement of permanent structures that lower physically disabled guests into the poolthis is the direction that WDW pools will be heading in the future. (Grand Floridian pool being
converted as of this post)

   These photos were taken over the course of the month of January of 2001.  I have many pictures from this portion of the refurbishment, and I am posting them all here, so I apologize for the amount of pictures in this article.  As a fan of the history of the resort, I believe every picture that documents a period of time in the evolution of Walt Disney World is important, and worth sharing.


      What is very interesting is how much area was torn up.  As a guest at this time, having this entire area behind construction walls had to put a damper on your resort experience.  In the grand scheme of things, this was a plus for many reasons.  The addition of cabana areas and an updated dry play area for children, even though I do lament the loss of the deep end of the pool; especially since the remodel of the "quiet" pool that took place semi recently, which used to be 8' deep.  The ability to actually "swim" in a pool has been lost these days.  Even though I do know that my kids will enjoy the new pool as much as I enjoyed the former, as the theming is still top notch; I will still hold fond memories of the original even though it is history.
     I do hope you enjoy these many photographs and many thanks for taking time to read this. Please visit again, as I will continue to post pictures from WDW's past.

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  1. I have a web site devoted to the Polynesian and its history. I remember when the Nanea volcano pool when in but other than photos the Polynesian staff had I never had any of my own for the site. I also save all photos I can find about the resort to keep history of it all. I love your photos and would love to save them and use some on my site with your permission. Soon the new pool area will go in and this will be gone also.

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