Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drinks of the Past

             Here is round two of my WDW recipes of the past posts.  I am working through beverages to start off.  I have also included a brief history on the places these drinks were served for your reading enjoyment.

        The Disney Inn, formerly known as the Golf Resort.  These cocktails could be found at the Garden Gallery which was the American fare dining establishment there.  Which if I am not mistaken replaced the Trophy Room at the Golf Resort.  Now the resort is called The Shades of Green, and is exclusive to military personnel.

         The Polynesian Village was home to many original cocktails back then.  Even now you can find multiple different concoctions that are not found anywhere else on property.  There were many different areas to enjoy a libation at the Polynesian Village before the many renovations that occurred in the Great Ceremonial House and around the property. Now you've got the Tambu Lounge.

         The Top of The World lounge at the Contemporary Resort Hotel was a great place to enjoy an adult beverage and watch the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom.  I am not exactly sure where in relation to the stage at the Top of The World Supper club the lounge was located.  So I am not sure if you could watch the live entertainment or not.  I am sure you could have a listen though.  Here is a fabulous post on the Contemporary as it used to be.

       The Rose and Crown Pub at EPCOT Center is a great place to enjoy a pint of ale or an interesting cocktail.  It seems that back then lemon bar mix was used in many a cocktail around WDW property.  EPCOT Center was the only Disney theme park to allow alcohol consumption at the time it opened, and for a while after.  So World Showcase was the place to be to enjoy enhanced beverages while taking in the culture around you.  As far as I know when the park opened management was trying to keep the alcoholic beverages off of the promenade, to keep the drinking to specific areas in the park.  Unlike nowadays, where you can buy your beverage from a cart and saunter around without a care in the world.  Which I have been known to do from time to time. 
     I hope you enjoy these posts, and I really hope that someone has the ingedients to make these cocktails of Walt Disney World's past.  Post a comment and let me know how they turn out. As I say hold a glass up high and drink to the past!

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