Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tower of Terror

    Here are a couple of clear photographs of the first scene in the Tower of Terror in the Studios when the elevator makes it's first stop.  These pictures were taken in 1996, even though the scene has remained mainly unchanged since then.  The occupants of the elevator appear in the hallway beckoning for you, reaching towards you in a desperate plea for help.  And all of a sudden they disappear in a wave of electrical energy. The lights begin to fade into a star field, and the hallway that was once before you becomes indistinguishable.  The window at the end of the hall becomes more pronounced , begins to sway, and then shatters.  As if you have left the real world behind, and where you are now, the physical bounds have no merit.
      This is my favorite scene in the attraction purely for the fact of the perceived distortion of your surroundings.  You are in an actual hallway where apparitions appear in the dead center and then everything vanishes.  Your physical surroundings disappear.  It is one of those effects that make you wonder how they do that.  This type of show scene is what makes WDI shine.  This is the type of experience that me, as a fan, longs for.  I hope that all of the ventures in the future, including the Test Track refurbishment, can bring this emotional response out of me and the many guests that enjoy them.
This detail is pulled directly from the lobby area.
 You feel as if you did just go up a few floors in the hotel

I am surprised this photo turned out so well

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