Sunday, October 21, 2012

Imagination Pavilion

    As is common knowledge at this point, the Imagination pavilion was far superior pre-1999, compared to the offering that is available today.  With two extremely memorable characters, a fantastic ride through experience, and a post show that could provide hours of entertainment; this experience was one that was unforgettable.  Here are a few memory triggers for your entertainment, or if you had never experienced it for yourself; these are for you too.
The introduction to imagination 
    The introductory scene of the attraction was fantastic in many respects.  Your ride vehicles broke off from the traditional omnimover style train into smaller chains of vehicles, which allowed you to experience most of the attraction more intimately. This was achieved through the use of a turntable function in this scene.  There were four "Flight to The Imagination" scenes constructed as to allow for the guests to spend two and a half minutes with Dreamfinder, while he introduces you to Figment and the attraction.  The Dreamfinder is right there, speaking directly to you!  The nature of this attraction made this different than most other Future World attractions, as you experienced it with the characters instead of being a third party observer of a  story being told in front of you.  Dreamfinder beckoned you to come join him and Figment on their journey.
The creation of Figment
   After the initial show scene, you progressed through imagery representing various uses of imagination for creative purposes.  These show scenes portrayed things such as the arts, literature, the performing arts, and science.  The many different effects used throughout the scenes combined for a visceral experience, that provided so many things to look at and really "spark" your imagination.
"Some happy songs, some snappy dances!"
   The final major show scene incorporated another turntable where the ride vehicles sped up and connected back together in the omnimover style train. This was a huge scene that incorporated an animitronic Figment leading rounds of the theme song, "One Little Spark", with multiple Figments in various costumes via video screen, singing along.  These video clips represent Figments dreams as a superhero, scientist, mountain climber, cowboy, weightlifter, ship captain, and various others.  

   This attraction also was one of, if not the first, to incorporate and on-ride photo taken of each ride vehicle.  This photo was portrayed in front of you before the unload.   Even though these photos were unavailable for purchase, it was a fun addition to the overall experience.
Leapfrog Fountains
    The pavilion plaza was a fantastic spot to spend time as well.  Whether enjoying the multiple water features, meeting Dreamfinder and Figment, or just taking in the ambiance of the whole area; there was much to experience here too.

I miss this topiary
 I believe the Dreamfinder and Figment characters resonated with people so much because of the attraction being so intimate and speaking to you individually; as well as being able to meet and actually talk to Dreamfinder after you just experienced this amazing attraction.

      With the upstairs Imageworks postshow and Magic Eye theater included, the Imagination pavilion could not help but be loved by most people that had the pleasure of experiencing it in its full glory.  The Imagination pavilion that we have  today leaves a lot to be desired.  I  feel that the color scheme that we had previously with the blues and purples better portrayed the openness and aura of the imagination, more so than the orange and red scheme that we have today.  The upstairs Imageworks was far superior to the offering available today.  As well as the attraction itself being a crude shell of the vast and dynamic nature of the first iteration.

     There is plenty of bright side when it comes to this space in Future World.  The fountain garden is still present, sans a few fantastic topiaries.  The structure is still in it's original, awe inspiring form.  The upstairs area still remains relatively unchanged, besides the fact that it is not used for guest areas anymore.  And with the direction that WDI has been going with the level of care and detail given to the attractions they have been tasked with; a new attraction utilizing all of the original layout could be back up to the level of the original, if not even better.  A new paint scheme on top of it all, and we are back to a beloved pavilion once again.

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