Sunday, December 2, 2012

"International" America Gardens Theater

     The America Gardens theater is a venue that has hosted many different shows throughout the history of Epcot.  The amphitheater was an open air stage for a number of years until a covered portion was erected around 1994.  The first show to premiere in the newly covered amphitheater was called The Magical World of Barbie. But I digress, I do have some photos of a show that took place at the Gardens theater around 1987.

  I have no real information on this show, but it seems to be an international display of the dances of the various cultures represented in World Showcase.  This show took place multiple times throughout the day for park guests.  It looks like each country had it's own portion dedicated to just their dancers.

     I do like how this show represented all of World Showcase.  As the American pavilion, it plays host to all of the countries around the lagoon.  What better way to play host than to invite them to show off their own unique culture at the forefront of the American pavilion.

    Nowadays, the theater is used mostly as a concert location for the festivals and special holiday offerings like The Candlelight Processional.  Things that mostly have nothing to to with World Showcase itself.  I do wish there were shows that encompassed all of the cultures together again.  That would perfectly represent the theme of World Showcase itself, as was done in the parks past.
   Thanks for taking a look and if anyone saw this show, or has more information on it, please let me know.  


  1. Seriously, you learn something new every day. I never knew it was an open air space! I love this show too. I wish they would bring something like this back. :) Nice to see you again Nick!

    1. Thank you so much Estelle! I am always appreciative of your kind words. As well as the readership you send my way.