Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All America Parade

       This blog has no direction as of yet, but what inspired me to begin was an article from the book Four Decades Of Magic by Chad Emerson (highly recommended reading by the way).  The article was written by Tom Corless of  WDWNT.com and  is titled "When is the Three O'clock Parade? Then, Now, and Forever."  Here he writes about a little known parade that ran from late-1987 through September 1989.  I was in the park to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of America.  Tom states that it was incredibly difficult to locate information on this parade.  By happenstance I was browsing through an old photo album and came upon several pictures of this exact parade.  I decided that I should share these pictures that I have for all the Disney history buffs out there.  Enjoy!

I don not know where this parade starts, so this looks good.

Mickey and Minnie in colonial outfits
Looks like flags from original colonies and early America

Missed the float right before this with a eastern seaboard lighthouse and more of these cast members in ponchos

These floats seem to represent the American southwest
There is something endearing about a character riding a horse
You know Woody would be on this float if it was after 1996
These floats look like the American northwest
Song of the South characters before Splash Mountian
Not sure what Capt. Hook and Smee are doing in front of the Midwest floats
Definitely Midwestern
Country Bears
Is this the hen from The Wise Little Hen?  Donald Ducks first cartoon.
"The Spirit of America"
very long paddle boat

Donald Duck the Captain
Daisy too
I know this float was rebuilt for the Mickey Mania parade with skateboarders riding over the ramp
Not sure what this float represents other than a big wave
Ahhh the famous castle float
Look at all the random characters on this float,  Sheriff of Naughtingham, Cinderella, Snow White, The Gummi Bears
I think that is the White Rabbit from Alice on the back
Happy 200 years America!

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