Sunday, June 26, 2011

Park Tickets

     Check out these park tickets that I have from the 1970's.  These are from when Walt Disney World charged an entry fee to get in the park, with an additional fee for ride vouchers to experience most of the attractions.  Some of the attractions were included with park admission like The Walt Disney Story, Hall of Presidents,  If You Had Wings, Circle Vision 360 film, and The Diamond Horseshoe Revue.
Here are a couple of  ticket book options available to purchase after your initial park admission fee

Look there is still have two D tickets and one B ticket left.   
These tickets could be used for any attraction.  These you save for the big ones like Pirates, Space, 20,000 leagues, and Haunted Mansion.  These tickets are dated 1979.

    With a D ticket I have access to The Enchanted Tiki Birds in Adventureland, Tom Sawer's Island in Frontierland ( remember it closes a dusk), the Admiral Joe Fowler, Richard F. Irvine Riverboats in Liberty Square.  Also the Skyway to Tomorrowland from Fantasyland and also from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, only one way trips though.  The Mickey Mouse Revue, also in Fantasyland.  In Tomorrowland you can ride the Grand Prix Raceway, Star Jets, and Mission To Mars.

      With a B ticket you can ride Dumbo and The Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland.  In Liberty Square you can take a ride on the Mike Fink Keel Boats.  In Frontierland you can shoot targets at the Frontierland Shooting Gallery.  In Adventureland you can tour the Swiss Family Treehouse.

    What is interesting is that Disney refers to all the attractions as adventures.  So you purchase tickets based on how many "adventures" you would like to experience.

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