Sunday, March 11, 2012

Polynesian Pools of The Past

      Granted the refurbished volcano pool at the Polynesian Resort is still relatively new,  these pictures of the old pool were taken in the late 80's.  The volcano pool was remodeled in 2001, which at that time got rid of the deep end of the pool.  I was a big fan of being able to actually swim in pool on Disney property.  Now all the pools that I know of have a max depth of less than six feet.  This pool used to have a max depth of 9' 6", and the other pool at the Poly had a max depth of 8'.  Now the other "adult pool" has a max depth of less than 5'.  There are a couple reasons that I can think of to remove said deep ends of pools. Either because of insurance liabilities, or not having to pay lifeguards to be on duty. 
      The other round pool used to be a quiet place for adults to relax and sunbathe with all the children at the volcano pool or swimming in the lagoon.  Now that pool is pretty much a kiddie pool as well there is not that area for the adults.  Even when we used to swim there as children we had to keep it mellow for the sake of the other people enjoying their time as well.  If we wanted to roughhouse and be crazy, our parents would send us to the volcano pool.   The last time I was staying at the Poly, which was over the 40th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, the round pool was as much of a madhouse as the volcano pool.  I do miss the days when Disney actually catered to adults as well as children.  Either it is cost cutting or the fact that Disney knows us adults will come back because of our memories of how awesome it used to be.  One more thing, why does the Poly not have a hot tub?  My rant is over, thanks for reading!

Old volcano pool from the deep end of the pool

Overview of the pool area in its former glory

The "adult" pool in it's former glory


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