Monday, March 19, 2012

Splash Mountain construction

     Here are a couple of photos from the Magic Kingdom of Splash Mountain being constructed.  This attraction soft opened on July 17th, 1992.  With a dedication ceremony commencing on October 2nd of that year which signified the official opening.  There was a twelve year gap between Splash Mountain's opening and the last major new attraction to grace the Magic Kingdom. The last attraction to open was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on November 8th, 1980.  This attraction completed this side of Frontierland, which remained largely undeveloped before 1980.  There was a Marc Davis deigned attraction that was to be a multi faceted experience which was going to be called the Western River Expedition.  That is a whole story unto itself.  The construction of Splash Mountain necessitated that the Frontierland Train Station be demolished and for a while there were only two stops which included Main Street USA and Mickey's Starland (as it was called at the time).  

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