Thursday, June 14, 2012

The ARTimals

    I have been busy as of late, so sorry about the lack of posts.  These pictures of some very interesting costumed characters were taken on Discovery Island at the Animal Kingdom around 1999.  These characters used to participate in a short lived parade named The March of The ARTimals.  It was the Animal Kingdom's take on the parades that were found in the other parks. Some of you might be thinking wait a minute, there is no parade at Epcot. But at this time the Tapestry of Nations parade was taking place at Epcot as well.  Both of these parades were similar in the fact that they did not celebrate Disney characters, instead they were more of a tribute to the park areas that they represented.  Being that Tapestry of Nations had a world unity message consistant with World Showcase, and the March of the ARTimals were representations of animals found in that park.
     The Marh of the ARTimals parade was around from the opening of the park until around July of 1999.  I am sure that by then the plan of having a parade including Disney characters resembling the Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios parades was in full swing. Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade opened on October 1st of 2001 to help celebrate the Hundred Years of Magic.  This parade included the mandatory dose of  Disney characters that the guests clamor to see.

         These characters were found roaming Discovery Island after the March was disbanded, as well as some of the floats and prop pieces becoming displays around that part of the park.  I am sure these colorful costumes are around still, but I can not remember seeing them recently at the Animal Kingdom.  Thanks for checking this out, if you have seen them about let me know by posting in the comment section.

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