Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 15 Years of Magic

       The 15 years of Magic celebration ran from October 1st, 1986 through September 30th, 1987.  At this time in Walt Disney World history there were still just two parks in existence.  Both parks celebrated the milestone with entrance displays unique to the park in which it resided.  The logo that was developed for this celebration combined both parks icons.  Spaceship Earth and Cinderella Castle combined to form this iconic logo.  The anthem for this birthday celebration was "Only Just Begun".  Which is a pledge that there is much more magic to come in the future.

A cake in the entrance plaza of EPCOT Center

This was located outside the ticket gates to EPCOT Center
In the Magic Kingdom well before the Walt statue was installed

   During the 15th anniversary, one big component of the celebration was the prize giveaways that occurred every 15 seconds.  The prizes that were given away ranged from buttons and pins, all the way up to park tickets and even automobiles.  
The ticket you received upon entering the park
     One of the other main components of the 15 year milestone was the daily Magic Kingdom parade.  This parade ran throughout the celebration and includes a float that is still in use today.

The main logo on the first float with Mickey and Minnie
Scrooge and Daisy on the back of the first float

Random dancers in front of the rock band float
The random band of Disney characters featuring Chip and Dale as the singers
Third float featuring Cinderella, Donald Duck, Three Little Pigs, and more

Apparently the Country Bears built an upside down cake
Second to last float featuring some dancers
The final float featured a live band
This castle float is still in operation today
    This parade was definitely a favorite among guests.  It included live music, tons of dancers, and a whole mess of characters to all combine in one fine afternoon entertainment option.  With the inclusion of an extremely memorable theme song,  multiple decorations, generous giveaways, as well as a popular parade;  the 15 years of Magic celebration was a big success among it's patrons.  



  1. I'm actually really disappointed they didn't go this crazy for WDW's recent 40'th anniversary.

    But then I gave it some thought and realized that we're all more excited to turn 15 than we are to turn 40...

    1. Younger IS better than older. I agree that the 40th was nothing but merchandise and a short ceremony, which pales in comparison to most of the main anniversaries. I think the excuse is the "celebrations" that are happening throughout the entire year(s) nowadays brings in what they need attendance wise. Thanks for reading!