Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drinks of The Past part 3

        This is the third part of my drink recipe posts from the past at Walt Disney World.  Here you can find Part 1 and Part 2.  These recipes are from the Cooking Around Our World  cookbook from 1986.
        Not all of the beverages in this cookbook contain alcohol.  For example, the Tavern Lemon Sherbet Punch is from the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, which of course does not serve alcohol.  The drink includes lemon juice, lemon sherbet, club soda, and strawberries. Blend with ice and enjoy.

         A lot of the places where these drinks were served are either not in existence, or operate under a different name.  The Coconino Cove was an oyster bar located at the far southern end of the Grand Canyon Concourse in the Contemporary Resort.  The sprawling Chef Mickey's now occupies the space where it was located.  Chef Mickey's also swallowed up the Contemporary Cafe, as well as the Pueblo Room.

     There seemed to be many more places to eat and drink in the original hotels before the massive expansion of hotel rooms on property beginning in the eighties.  Which led to many of the small establishments closing as demand was spread around property.
     I hope some of these drink recipes will take the heat out of the summer, and make lounging on the patio a lot more enjoyable.  While, of course, dreaming of Walt Disney World of yesteryear. The next part in my recipe series will start to focus on the appetizers served in the restaurants around Walt Disney World.  Enjoy!

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